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Additional funds for training

The aim of the trainings carried out under the project is to prepare qualified, competent, committed specialists, possessing substantive skills and social competences, appropriate to work in a multidisciplinary team, which implements a comprehensive, continuous, multi-specialized, subject-based care, model of care for disabled and chronically ill child .

The trainings are addressed both to employees of the Podkarpackie Hospice for Children Foundation and to other people working with disabled children. They can be attended by: physiotherapists, psychologists, pedagogues, teachers in integration schools, nurses, doctors, speech therapists, medical caregivers, carers and assistants of the disabled, social workers and volunteers working with children with disabilities.

The trainings have been conducted since October 2014 and the project is scheduled to end in spring 2016.

We managed to run additional funds, which is why we are still recruiting for additional three trainings:

Psychotherapy of Empowerment

Psychomotorics of Empowerment (IPTW - Integrative Pedagogical-Therapeutic Support for Development), basically based on three pillars: prevention, diagnosis and therapy, is a traffic-oriented method, which through various possibilities of action
and solving problems in a specially arranged psychomotor scenario has a positive impact on the overall development of a non-resident child. Empowerment Psychomotorism deals with the close relationship between perception, movement, survival and action. As part of psychomotor support, various elements of sports pedagogy, rhythmic and musical education, holistic pedagogy, special education, psychology and medicine as well as movement therapy are used. Classes serve to support the patient in experiencing the subject environment and the subjective environment through different senses in a more diverse way, in the orientation and entering into it with adequate and socially accepted interaction. During the training, the concept of Sensory Integration will also be presented. Ayres and differences in the approach to child therapy in the concept of Psychomotoricity of Empowerment (IPTW) and SI. Classes will be conducted by the creator of the concept of dr Andrzej Majewski, as well as pedagogues, psychomotors working with disabled children from Vienna and Munich (the training will be translated into Polish).

The training will be implemented in two 5-day modules - mainly in the form of practical workshops - in total 100 hours.

Communication with parents of a disabled child

The training will be carried out in one 3-day module - in an interactive and workshop form - based on exercises, case studies, work in subgroups, own reflection, dialogue and group process rules - a total of 24 hours.

Prevention of burnout.

The training will be carried out in one 3-day module (24 hours) - in an interactive and workshop form - based on exercises, case studies, work in sub-groups, self-reflection, dialogue and group process rules.


The trainings are conducted by competent, experienced and recognized trainers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and physiotherapists from Poland and abroad.


Applications are accepted via the website

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