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Expansion of the Podkarpackie Hospice for Children

   The number of youngest patients receiving hospice care is growing every year. This is due, among other things, to increased awareness of doctors about the benefits of palliative care. Our Hospice goes the opposite. In a year and a half we will have new surfaces, new equipment and we will expand our business.


The hospice has been operating at Lwowska Street for several years. The facilities were already developed in 2010-2011 thanks to subsidies from the EU Regional Operational Program. However, another extension was necessary to ensure adequate care for all children in need and to support their families. As the Podkarpackie Hospice for Children Foundation, we implement the project "Expansion and retrofitting of the Hospice for Children as well as information and training activities in the field of hospice care in the Podkarpackie Voivodship". We have obtained for this purpose a subsidy from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (equivalent to EU funds).

Construction in progress

The expansion began at the turn of September and October. The contractor is Profbud, selected in the tender. The works run on time. At the beginning of December, foundations were made, the employees started putting thermal insulation and prepared to lay the ceiling between the basement and the ground floor. About 20 builders are working on the construction site every day, supported by a crane.

   The extended part will have an area of 3,000 sq m. There will be two more hospice wards for children, as well as an operational and postoperative ward together with the necessary technical infrastructure, i.e. a covered ambulance driveway, social facilities, a kitchen, a pharmacy, rehabilitation rooms, and doctor's offices.

More equipment

In new premises there will also be a place for purchased diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. There will be five cardiomonitors, five infusion pumps, a set of fittings and rehabilitation pads, and two sets of exercise equipment.

As a result of the extension, a modern facility that meets all the legal requirements for hospice care for children will be created. We count on providing care to all children in need from Podkarpacie. It will be a professional, comprehensive home hospice care service, stationary hospice, environmental rehabilitation and support for families. The youngest patients will have a guaranteed right to life and good death.

The situation will end when sick children go to, for example, pediatric departments, child neurology, pediatric oncology - that is, where there is no palliative care. It is worth adding that the daily cost of caring for a sick child in a hospice prepared for this is more than half lower than the cost of a stay in a hospital (PLN 400 and PLN 1000, respectively).

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